Decks & Fences Softwashing

Why SoftWashing?

We don’t blast away at your home’s exterior with damaging high pressure. Prowash takes a different and much safer approach to outdoor cleaning which is called soft washing. Softwashing is the art of cleaning your home with low pressure mixed with the use of environmentally safe fungicides and surfactants. These solutions are custom-mixed on-site, so we can tailor your needs of cleaning and adjust for different types of surfaces. These cleaning solutions are proven to get to the root of the problem by neutralizing algae spores without missing a single spot on your home. The solutions are applied thoroughly to the surfaces targeted areas and given time to kill the mold, mildew, algae, and fungus deep at its roots. Then, we rinse the surfaces thoroughly with fresh water at garden hose pressures to ensure a prowash cleaning.

Safety is Key

Safety is most important to us. We care about your home and with no doubt are going to treat you just like a neighbor. Soft washing lets us do this by reducing the need for ladders on second and third story homes and businesses. This means we can keep our employees on the ground and reduce damage caused by ladders on gutters and other exterior surfaces. Our softwash systems allow us to apply cleaning agents from the ground on two and three-story homes safely. Protecting your homes surface is key and Softwashing lets us accomplish this by not damaging delicate surfaces such as wood or stucco and allows us to treat the surface without blasting water into the structure of your home which could lead to premature rot and mold issues.

Decks and fences


Before beginning any exterior wood restoration project, the first step is an evaluation. The specialists at prowash take time to schedule a site visit to fully evaluate all work to be done. This includes measuring dimensions, checking for rotted or damaged wood, and examining the level of dirt, mold, or any previous finishes. If necessary, we may also restore a small test spot to demonstrate to the customer the kind of restoration we will be performing. Upon leaving the site, we will discuss pricing and availability.

Restoration is the key to restoring your wood to a like new condition. Depending on our analysis, your deck may receive either a chemical finish remover or commercial grade cleaning detergent. These professional grade cleaners will safely remove years of failed stain, mold, mildew, and other dirt. A low-pressure wash will remove these detergents to reveal a clean wood surface.


Because commercial grade cleaners are caustic on the PH scale, a chemical neutralizer must be applied. This balances the wood’s PH, making it more conducive to staining. In addition to preparing the wood for stain, the neutralization process acts as a brightener by returning wood to its natural look.

Other Prep

Once the deck has been fully cleaned, our team will sand rough spots and make acknowledged repairs. We also make sure to mask your house, windows, and any nearby vegetation to protect against stain overspray.


Once we have finished cleaning, neutralizing, and prep work, your deck is ready for the staining process. We apply a high-quality oil-based sealer to your fence, Pergola, Deck, and other wooden surfaces.  All our sealers are commercial quality and not only resist weathering, mold, and sunlight, but preserve the wood. All our staining products penetrate deep into the wood instead of creating a surface film that will prematurely flake or peel.