Landscape Lighting

Your home’s entranceway is one of the first things that your guests will see. As your trusted landscape lighting company, we can install lighting that will bring out the beauty of your entranceway. It can put the focus on objects that would disappear in plain sight at nighttime. It also gives your neighbors a positive impression of you. These can also highlight features such as plants and your home address.

Define Your Pathway

Landscape lighting can turn a dull walk on your home’s pathway to an enjoyable one. We can create a setup that will make trees along the perimeter of the pathway a remarkable sight. We can also add fixtures that will put emphasis on the earthen design of your pathway.

Accentuate Your Home’s Contours

Apart from commercial landscape lighting, we also have products that can help make your home a work of art during the night. Statues will suddenly look alive while plants will have more character. These products can put emphasis on your home’s outline and add beauty to it.

Give a Warm Glow

Landscape lighting can also affect the mood of your guests. We can put lighting close to your home’s entry door to give it a warm and welcoming glow. We can also surround a structure with fixtures to inspire awe in your guests.

For Added Function

Sometimes, you just need proper lighting to make some parts of your home more accessible. For this, we can mount lighting around your pool to induce warmth, which is perfect for when you go for a dip in it on a cool evening. We can also install a fire pit in your yard for outdoor camping activities.

We want you to have a home that you can admire even during the evening. You can expect Vernon Daniel Associates to help you bring life to your home every evening. For more information about our services, contact us at (866) 304-3002.

The Brightest Idea Yet – LED Lighting System

LED-based landscape lighting systems provide a number of distinct efficiency and practical advantages:

  • Energy efficiency for lower energy costs
  • Longer lamp and fixture life due to less heat
  • Consistent light output so your home is illuminated evenly
  • Fixture life length of more than 50,000 hours
  • Cutting-edge LED color light spectrum with more than 30,000 colors to choose from