Lets Talk Louisiana Turf. February 11, 2020

When living in Louisiana we are all well aware that we live in part of the region where it is warm and humid. When selecting the right turfgrass there are many factors that come into play. A few warm-season turf grasses that do great in our climate are bermudagrass, St. Augustinegrass, Centipedegrass, Zoysiagrass. These types of grass perform well in our climate due to their heat tolerance. These types of grass grow best in temperatures from 80-90 degrees, and will typically slow down and go dormant after the first frost when the temperatures drop below the 60s. When picking the right grass for your application you must look a few key factors to make the right choice. Is the area you are planting turfgrass in full-sun? if so then is the Area you are looking to do turfgrass have a lot of foot traffic? all these factors come into play when picking the right grass that will flourish. St. Augustinegrass is a popular grass that you will see in Louisiana due to its excellent shade tolerance that only requires 4-6 hours of filtered sunlight which is a excellent choice for a shady backyard. The next popular grass you will see in Louisiana is our well know centipedegrass. Centipedegrass can handle shade but not as well as St. Augustine, but it has some advantages. Centipedegrass requires low maintenance, better cold tolerance, and has a much better tolerance against brown patch and our well know chinch bug. Zoysiagrass and bermudagrass are both a awesome choice because they have a high wear tolerance and they’re both resistant to freezing temperatures. These types of grass are commonly found at commercial businesses, and golf courses where you experience high foot traffic. The reason these types of grass do so well is due to they have rhizomes which are underground runners. These types of grass with underground rhizomes perform so well because the root structure is protected by the soil which means not only are they insulated from freezing temperatures, but protected from traffic also. We hope this information helps when choosing the right turf for your application. If we can help in any way please contact us with any questions.



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