Keeping a nice pruned and weed-free landscape requires regularly scheduled visits for your landscape to keep everything in top condition. Ground Control can weed your landscape beds, prune your shrubs and ornamental trees, fertilize your plants and mulch. We set up weekly, monthly, and quarterly monthly visits to keep your landscape in healthy shape all year round.


When it comes to pruning, its very important to know when, how, and where pruning should take place. Pruning is done for multiple reasons: whether it’s done for aesthetics, promote new growth, eliminating dead or diseased limbs you must take precaution. That’s why we are here not only to provide you with our services but also the knowledge of why. Pruning at the wrong time can disturb flower buds, which will result in a shortage of flowers during blooming season.


Mulching is not only for aesthetics, it plays a much bigger role. Mulching acts as a blanket for roots, reduces soil disease, and weed germination. A mulch layer around trees reduce damage from string trimmers, also inhibit weed growth. We know mulching is ideal for multiple reasons and we know how to properly install in flowerbeds and around trees. To much mulch can promote the root system to grow into mulch and be susceptible to drought, freeze, or cases of heat extremes. 

Mowing services

Ground Control has been serving customers in St. Tammany and surrounding parishes for 10 years now. We know what it takes to keep a yard looking great all year round. Mowing practices and frequency are critical to a well kept flush green yard. In Louisiana St. Augustine and centipede are our warm season grasses, we have studied these types of lawns, and know their growing cycle and correct mowing heights to keep a disease-free green lawn.