Roof & Home Softwashing

Why SoftWashing?

We don’t blast away at your home’s exterior with damaging high pressure. Prowash takes a different and much safer approach to outdoor cleaning which is called soft washing. Softwashing is the art of cleaning your home with low pressure mixed with the use of environmentally safe fungicides and surfactants. These solutions are custom-mixed on-site, so we can tailor your needs of cleaning and adjust for different types of surfaces. These cleaning solutions are proven to get to the root of the problem by neutralizing algae spores without missing a single spot on your home. The solutions are applied thoroughly to the surfaces targeted areas and given time to kill the mold, mildew, algae, and fungus deep at its roots. Then, we rinse the surfaces thoroughly with fresh water at garden hose pressures to ensure a prowash cleaning.

Safety is Key

Safety is most important to us. We care about your home and with no doubt are going to treat you just like a neighbor. Soft washing lets us do this by reducing the need for ladders on second and third story homes and businesses. This means we can keep our employees on the ground and reduce damage caused by ladders on gutters and other exterior surfaces. Our softwash systems allow us to apply cleaning agents from the ground on two and three-story homes safely. Protecting your homes surface is key and Softwashing lets us accomplish this by not damaging delicate surfaces such as wood or stucco and allows us to treat the surface without blasting water into the structure of your home which could lead to premature rot and mold issues.


We have a proven method of not only removing those ugly black streaks ruining your houses curb appeal, but also for killing the algae, lichen, and mold that is attacking your roof. Let us wash and treat your stained and infested home or business roof using a completely safe soft wash solution cleaning system. Our process will provide substantial longevity over standard pressure washing and won’t remove any of the shingles granules resulting in premature failure or void the roofs warranty. Our method is the only one that has been approved by ARMA (Asphalt Roof Manufacturer’s Association) and has safely cleaned over 5,000 roofs over the last 10 years. We are a solution-based company that is here to serve our clients and provide professional advice. Don’t spend 50% more to replace your roof to eliminate stains when you can softwash it.

What’s that growing on your roof?

Have you noticed stains on your roof? Well those stains are actually a particular strain of algae spores called Gloeocapsa Magma, and it’s alive and spreading! The algae can quickly spread, creating dark spots and streaks. Roof algae, along with moss and lichen can reduce the life span of your shingles. Algae spores are carried from roof to roof through wind, birds, and small animals. It will only get worse over time.

The spores find a perfect environment for growth in your shingles, attacking the asphalt at the granule base first. Once the granules dislodge, accelerated deterioration will occur. Let Prowash remove the algae and bacteria that cause roof stains and help restore your roof shingles to their original Aesthetics.

Types of algae and bacteria found on your shingles.

    • Blue Green Algae – Creates black streaking, covering your shingles protective granules.
    • Green Roof Algae – Appears black at beginning stages and grows into a green shade on lighter roofs.
    • Green Moss – Thick and spongy, stronger root system than algae, Spreads with thick root system
    • Lichen – White spots and strands, moss in its early stages.
    • Fungus And Shingle Mold- A small Microscopic spore that lands on your roof. It spreads by feeding on your roof.