Rust Removal

Do you have dark rust stains on your home and walkways? Prowash can safely and professionally remove rust stains, battery acid stains, Fertilizer stains, and more. The product we use is a commercial grade rust stain remover that allows our employees to safely remove rust stains from concrete, stucco, vinyl, and other deeply stained areas.

Where does this rust come from? Rust is commonly on homes and driveways from fertilizer application, irrigation systems, and battery acid. Both fertilizer and water have a high content of iron. Over time, the iron deposits can cause rust to build up on everything from driveways and sidewalks to the siding of your home, business, and anything else it continually comes in contact with. When using the wrong chemical, it can permanently damage the surface and result in a costly repair. Prowash uses a safe and effective solution specifically designed to remove those stains without any damage to the surface, giving your home or business the curb appeal it deserves.